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Turkish, Georgian human smugglers arrested for housing 65 migrants

A Turkish and a Georgian man have been arrested on the basis of a court order proposed by the prosecutors of the Budapest 1st and 12th districts for managing accomodation for dozens of illegal migrants in Budapest, the Budapest Public Prosecutor's Office said on Friday.

Some 65 people were going to be smuggled to Germany via Budapest by an international human smuggling ring, the statement said. A 26 year-old Turkish citizen and 32 year-old Georgian citizen were involved in managing accommodation in Budapest, it added.

The 65 illegal migrants who later claimed to be Turkish and Afghan citizens were initially staying in two flats in Budapest’s 1st district in early October and the Turkish man provided them with food. They said the Turkish man had taken away their phones and the Georgian man locked them in the flat so they were unable to leave.

During police action at the site on October 9, the two men tried to flee and the Georgian man who managed to escape by car was later arrested in the 8th district.

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