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Trocsanyi: Smaller member states to lose out if EP EU treaty proposal passes

Smaller EU countries would lose out if the European Parliament's proposal to amend the EU treaties and "create a kind of new constitution" passed, so Hungary will not support it, Fidesz MEP Laszlo Trocsanyi told Hungarian journalists in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

The proposal includes the creation of the office of EU president, ministerial posts, the institution of a European referendum, new rules of procedure and new powers, the MEP said.

This, he said, would “completely reverse the current structure”, with the EU having authority over the treaties rather than member states, he said.

The EU would be corroded because unanimous voting would be scrapped on the most important matters, he said. Further, European integration would no longer be based on consensus and that would affect national sovereignty, he added.

Asked to comment on the argument that the reform was needed because of EU enlargement, Trocsanyi said enlargement in the Western Balkans was important, but a decision on the potential need to amend the treaties should be made later. Once the new members are admitted, it will be up to member states, not the European Parliament, to decide whether to make any changes, he added.

The proposal made at the EP plenary session on Wednesday was scheduled to be put to a vote.

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