Photo: BUD

Transport authority won’t allow stranded passengers to stay overnight at airport

Ground-handling and "other stakeholders" at Budapest's international airport face fines to failing to assist stranded passengers and for possibly allowing night-time flights to exceed the number permitted by the regulations.

On Sunday night, several passengers at the airport received neither their luggage nor any help or information about how to get hold of their possessions, the ministry of technology and industry (TIM), noting that the transport authority has launched an investigation.

Also, stakeholders must provide information about the number of planes landing at night, which may have exceeded the limit, the ministry said on Wednesday. Fines of several million forints may be levied, it added.

Ground-handling companies must have sufficient resources to serve the airlines under contract, the ministry said. Also, the airport operator and the airline must make clear when they are notified of a flight delay, it added.

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