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Toroczkai leads Mi Hazank’s EP list

Mi Hazank on Wednesday asked its leader, Laszlo Toroczkai, to lead the radical opposition party's European parliamentary election list, with deputy party leader Dora Duro placed number two, but both have pledged to make way for other party members to represent the party in the EP, while they themselves would keep their seats in the national assembly.

Toroczkai said Mi Hazank took “all Hungarians” into consideration while fighting against “anti-nationalist ideological networks” that had an outsized influence in the world.

Germany’s Alternative fur Deutschland, he said, was one of the party’s most important allies.

In the event new party alliances are established in EP after the elections, Mi Hazank would be ready to join an “anti-globalist party family working to achieve a Europe of nations”, he said.

Duro said the party was working to build a “Hungarian future rather than a globalist dictatorship”.

Toroczkai and Duro are followed on the list by historian Zsuzsanna Borvendeg, Vojvodina engineer Szilveszter Kispalko and Janos Argyelan, the party’s foreign affairs spokesman.


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