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Toroczkai calls for ‘finding partners in anti-globalism fight’

Laszlo Toroczkai, the head of the radical Mi Hazank party, said the party needed to "find partners in our fight againt globalism" at the party's year-closing event in Budapest on Saturday.

Mi Hazank’s task is to “take over governance in our on country and ultimately in Brussels”. “Once we’ve won, we will have to decide what to do about the European Union,” Toroczkai added.

The EU should be run as a federation of sovereign countries or abolished and cooperation left to bilateral agreements, he said.

Evaluating the events of last year, Toroczkai said Hungary had three roads to choose from.

He said one was that promoted by left-liberal parties, “tantamount to a betrayal of the homeland and the nation, because those forces want a United States of Europe, without self-governance and the freedom rights of nations and European citizens”. “Those forces . have pushed Ukraine into a war that is about to ruin Europe and floor its economy,” he said, calling for immediate ceasefire and peace talks.

Hungary could also choose “the crooked path of Fidesz”, he said. He slammed the ruling parties’ foreign policy as “incomprehensible”. Further, he said the ruling party’s “only economic innovation is to turn the country into a battery superpower, he said.

Mi Hazank, on the other hand, is steadfast in choosing its partners and ready to find new ones. “We do not need to provoke Islam but stop migration and the influx of guest workers.”

The event was also attended by Petr Bystron, a MP of the Alternative fuer Deutschland party, Thierry Baudet of The Netherland’s Forum for Democracy, and Stanislav Stoianov of the Bulgarian Rebirth party and Gustav Kasselstrand of the Alternative for Sweden party.

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