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‘Time of Peace’ to be motto of 32nd Baile Tusnad Summer University

"Time of Peace" will be the motto of the 32nd Balvanyos Summer University in Baile Tusnad (Tusnadfurdo), central Romania, to be held between July 18 and 23, Zsolt Nemeth, the event's founder, said on Wednesday.

The jamboree organised by the Budapest-based Pro Minoritate Foundation and the Hungarian Youth Council of Transylvania is a “traditional venue of building consensus among Hungarians”, Nemeth, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, told a press conference.

“There is a need for peace, both when it comes to inter-party relations and within the Carpathian Basin,” Nemeth said.

The event nicknamed “Tusvanyos” will once again feature talks between pro-government and opposition politicians as well as a roundtable discussion between the leaders of the various ethnic Hungarian communities of the Carpathian Basin, he said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban will address the event on Saturday, with the idea of the time of peace expected to feature heavily in his speech, Nemeth said.

He welcomed the timing of the summer university, noting that it is scheduled to be held just a week after the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius.

Nemeth reiterated the Hungarian government’s position that an urgent diplomatic solution to the war was needed, arguing that there was no military solution to the conflict.

Hungary clearly rejects the Russian aggression against Ukraine, he said, underlining the need to strengthen solidarity for Ukraine, “which is noticeably present in Hungarian society”.

Nemeth said there was a prevalence of anti-Hungarian sentiment within the Carpathian Basin which called for a joint strategy. Minority rights are being curbed not just in Ukraine but other countries as well, he added. The issue of minority protection is also facing roadblocks when it comes to international law, Nemeth said.

The 32nd Baile Tusnad Summer University will also be attended by former Slovenian prime minister Janez Jansa, Polish, American and British politicians, as well as former US President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Nemeth said.

At least eight ministers and dozens of state secretaries are expected to attend the summer university, he added.

Tusvanyos is expected to host some 500 events in 30 tents. The concert programme will include performances by Hungarian artists Magna cum Laude, Pal Utcai Fiuk, Bori Peterfy and Ismeros Arcok, among others.

The event is expected to draw some 80,000 visitors in total, Nemeth said.

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