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Think-tank: Paedophilia ‘next logical step’ in left-lib promotion of LGBTQIA+

The Center for Fundamental Rights think-tank has said that the left-liberal promotion of LGBTQIA+ affairs and "its mania for liberation" had "reached its next logical step: paedophilia".

In a report released on Thursday, the think-tank said the once-time founder of the now-defunct liberal SZDSZ party, Ferenc Koszeg, was an LGBTQIA+ “agitator”.

It added that Hungarians, however, had repeatedly and clearly warned: “Keep your hands off our children!”

The report said that voters had come together in last year’s referendum to make clear that “children must be protected from gender madness”.

The think-tank accused Koszeg, one of the founders of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee rights NGO, of promoting paedophilia, saying that during last year’s election campaign, he published several articles supporting the principle that it was acceptable for someone to have a relationship with a paedophile.

Referring to Koszeg, the think-tank also complained that “this man was found worthy of the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in recognition of his decades of human rights work done during the period of the left-wing government”.

“There is no place in Hungary for gender propagandists; no adult here has, or should have, the right to use small children as sex toys,” the think-tank said.

It cited its public opinion survey carried out in March indicating “overwhelming support” for current child protection regulations, adding that the majority even backed tightening the law.

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