Zoltan Kovacs – Photo: kormany.hu

Think-tank head: Hungary lodestar for conservatives

Hungary has become a political lodestar for conservatives around the world, Miklos Szantho, head of the Centre for Fundamental Rights, told Zoltan Kovacs in a podcast on Wednesday.

Talking to the state secretary for communications and international relations in his latest “The Bold Truth about Hungary” podcast, Szantho said the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Hungary showed how the country punched above its political and geopolitical weight, and it provided a venue for conservatives to meet and exchange views as well to “share recipes for conservative success”.

The past 12-13 years have shown Hungary as “a success story from a conservative point of view”.

Yet “the trinity of God, homeland and family” was, he said, attacked aggressively on a daily basis. More and more people saw the need to act “to protect our societies, nations, families and children”, he added.

He called progressive liberalism “the new face of communism” as communists, like today’s progressives, had wanted to eliminate God, country and family.

For all their talk of tolerance, progressives, he said, sought to abolish “the Judeo-Christian cultural heritage as well as conservatives and traditional values”.

Conservatives, he added, must act against concerted attacks by progressives on a global scale, hence the motto of CPAC Hungary to be held on May 4-5: “United We Stand!”

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