Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Think-tank head: Border protection cure for illegal migration

Border protection is the cure for the illegal migration organised by NGOs both at the southern border of the United States and in Europe, the head of the Center for Fundamental Rights told The Washington Times journalist Tim Constantine's Capital Hill Show.

“This mass migration that we see in Europe and the United States as well is organised illegal mass migration,” Miklos Szantho told Constantine, according to a Thursday statement by the think-tank.

“Look at the participants, look at the actors! There are the warlords in Africa or the South American drug cartels in Mexico, the human traffickers, the human smugglers. There are the so-called human rights NGOs, who act as some kind of travel agencies, who are trying to organise the trips of these migrants,” Szantho said.

Although these NGOs regard themselves as civil organisations, Szantho said, “in reality those are political actors, mostly financed by the Open Society Foundation, by the Soros network.” Illegal mass migration becomes fully organised in such a way that “at the end of the day, there are the progressive liberal elites of the Western European countries, who promote this idea of Europe without borders.”

“But we do know that a nation is not a nation without borders,” Szantho said. “And this is the Hungarian experience, and this is why we are trying to protect our borders on the south. And in that way we are also protecting the borders of Europe.”

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