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Theatre, film university denies reports that blockade students had grades frozen

Responding to press reports claiming that students who took part in a blockade of University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) buildings in protest against the institution's new administration would have their grades frozen, the university's leadership denied the reports, saying all grades received before Nov. 6 last year had been logged, meaning that the students would not "lose" the semester in question.

Contrary to previous press reports, last semester’s grades have been registered for all students, SZFE said in a statement on Thursday.

The institution’s previous senate and leadership announced their resignation on Aug. 31, saying the foundation that took over the university on Sept. 1 under a government decree had deprived them of “all essential powers”. The university’s employees went on strike and students mounted a blockade of some buildings in protest against the new leadership. The blockade was later discontinued in compliance with new restrictions against the coronavirus epidemic.

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