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Tenth anniversary of Parliamentary Guard commemorated

Preserving the security of state and society is "our most important task," Speaker of Parliament Laszlo Kover said at a commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Parliamentary Guard in Parliament on Thursday.

There is no public security without a democratic public authority representing the public interest, and there is no democratic public authority without a legitimate parliament, which can only fulfil its duties mission within the framework of order and security, Kover said.

If Hungary is a free and sovereign country, the Speaker said, then “we are all safe, since we have the opportunity to decide on our own Hungarian way of life”. If Hungary’s freedom and sovereignty are impaired for any reason, “the order of our lives is always at risk, so everyone’s security can be shaken and our lives can become difficult,” he said.

Kover recalled that the parliamentary guard abolished by the communist dictatorship was reestablished in 2012, “because only a defence force acting lawfully, proportionately and efficiently can guarantee the security of parliament”.

At the ceremony, the Speaker presented a ribbon of honour to the Parliamentary Guard and awarded gold, silver and bronze degrees of the Speaker’s badge of merit.

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