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Teachers’ unions call on government to meet demands before election

The strike committees of teacher trade unions PSZ and PDSZ have called on the government, in an open letter, to meet their wage demands before Sunday's general election.

The unions noted that the salaries of MPs had increased to three times the national average on March 1.

In the letter seen by MTI on Wednesday, the unions said their demands were “far from being on such a scale” but people employed in public education should earn “just enough to pay rent and make ends meet”. Further, teachers should not be “exposed to an unbearable workload, and they should be paid for overtime,” it said, adding that an automatic wage-ike mechanism such as that afforded to MPs should be introduced in education as well.

The unions said that whereas the government had referred to economic difficulties arising from the war in Ukraine, and asked teachers to drop their strike, those difficulties “did not prevent the government from raising the wages of MPs”. The government, it added, should pass decisions concerning public education staff before the end of the week.

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