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Teachers’ union calls for all-round consultation with education professionals

Teachers' union PSZ has called on the government to set up a national education roundtable for consultations with all players of the sector.

In accordance with the demands of demonstrators for better conditions in education, the union is calling on the government to sit down with trade unions, professional associations, NGOs and representatives of students and parents. Education is a national issue, and the serious crisis can only be resolved with cross-sector cooperation, PSZ said in a statement on Monday.

The government’s aims in current consultations have been “murky”, PSZ said.

The contents of a cabinet meeting on Saturday, attended by education state secretary Zoltan Maruzsa and national teachers’ association Peter Horvath, have not been disclosed to the public, it said.

The government has also failed to appoint a commissioner to tackle the sector’s issues, PSZ said.

PSZ will continue to negotiate with the government as a member of the strike committee, but also calls for public, transparent and wide-reaching consultations, the statement said.

Protests will continue until the government sees those fighting for reforms as partners, the statement said.

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