Teacher union demands closure of public educational institutions

The national board of teacher union PDSZ demanded on Friday that all public educational institutions in Hungary should be closed without delay.

PDSZ said in a statement that schools are being closed in Austria from Tuesday until December 8 as a result of the novel coronavirus epidemic. Referring to Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s remarks about Austria being a laboratory for Hungary in terms of pandemic developments, PDSZ said now that “Orban’s laboratory, where epidemic data are better than in Hungary” is closing schools, “time has come to demand that he follows the example”.

PDSZ said that during the closure, all workers of public educational institutions should be tested by the state, as previously promised. Additionally, workers should only be allowed to return to the educational institutions when they are reopened if they hold negative test results.

PDSZ also said that parents forced to stay at home with their children as a result of the closure should be offered sickness benefit with wage supplement.

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