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Taxi drivers who flout rules to be banned from Castle District

The City Assembly is weighing a proposal to ban taxi drivers who flout the rules from Budapest's Castle District for six months.

“Scavenger” taxi drivers have been a persistent nuisance in the Castle for years, parking in prohibited areas and preying on and price-gouging foreign tourists, the district’s mayor, Marta V Naszalyi, told a press conference before a meeting of the assembly on Wednesday.

The opposition Parbeszed politician said a meeting of taxi company representatives, the Budapest metropolitan council and the Budapest transport company BKK resulted in a proposal to amend of parking regulations, which the general assembly is scheduled to consider today.

Taxi drivers who flout the rules can be banned from the Castle District for six months under the proposal, while the municipality’s controllers of public areas will carry out inspections to enforce the rules.

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