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Tax authority tightens inspection of grain consignments from Ukraine

Tax and customs authority NAV has tightened inspections of grain consignments from Ukraine since April 14, NAV said on Thursday.

A recent government decree regulating the imports of several agricultural goods from Ukraine allows solely the transport of those products through Hungary’s territory, NAV said in a statement.

Accordingly, NAV is conducting inspections of shipments at Hungary’s EU external Schengen borders as well as throughout the country’s territory, the authority said. The aim is to prevent entry or the sale of those products on the domestic market.

Shipments originating from Ukraine but entering Hungary from Slovakia and Romania are subject to electronic inspections aided by excise officers in the country’s internal territory away from the borders. The aim is to prevent illegal deposits of those consignments in domestic warehouses.

NAV is conducting the inspections in cooperation with food safety authority NEBIH.

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