Katalin Szili – Photo: Facebook

Szili to join Christian Democrats

Katalin Szili, the prime minister's chief advisor, will join the junior coalition Christian Democratic Party (KDNP), KDNP head Zsolt Semjen announced on Friday.

Szili’s joining the party is “an honour and joy”, Semjen said, adding that Szili had been known for her commitment and services to the churches.

Semjen noted Szili’s establishing the Forum for Hungarian Deputies in the Carpathian Basin and her contributions to efforts helping ethnic Hungarian communities.

Szili said she had been “in no man’s land” for the past 12 years but she was now joining the community “she has always belonged to”.

“I have found my way home, and if I can serve my nation by also serving conscientiously adopted values, I will gladly do so,” she said.

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