Katalin Szili – Photo: Facebook

Szili: Hungarians a unified nation thanks to policies of past ten years

Hungarians have become a unified nation thanks to the policy for Hungarians beyond the border pursued by the government over the past ten years, Katalin Szili, the prime minister's commissioner in charge of autonomy affairs, said in London on Saturday.

Szili is attending a conference of Hungarian weekend schools in London, which provides an opportunity for teacher training, building relationships and sharing best practices.

She said the government considered it important that those living in the diaspora retain their Hungarian identity, and thanked the teachers who teach at Hungarian schools in their free time.

Szili noted that the priority areas of the Hungarian presidency of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers include national minority protection, religious communities and the rights of families and children.

Ambassador Ferenc Kumin said that weekend schools required a lot of energy, commitment and sacrifices from both teachers and parents, as they use their weekends and free time to give children special education without which they would not be able to preserve their Hungarian identity, special cultural traditions and heritage.

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