Photo: MTI

Szijjarto: Voters choosing between ‘war and peace’

Hungary's parliamentary vote on Sunday will be "crucial because people are choosing between war and peace", Peter Szijjarto told public media after casting his vote in Dunakeszi, north of Budapest.

According to the foreign minister, the choice of voters will decide if Hungary “lives in peace and security in the next years or risks drifting into the (Ukraine) war”. “The left wing has made it clear that if they were on government Hungary could get involved in the war in the neighbourhood”. “But this is not our war, and we must stay out of it,” he said.

The right wing will guarantee peace and security and that Hungary is not going to drift into the conflict, he said.

Concerning the referendum conducted simultaneously with the election, Szijjarto said “I would like to protect our children” and insisted that “parents know their children best” rather than “any NGO, or LGBT group”. Parents should have an “exclusive right to talk with their children about sensitive issues” and “we won’t give up that right”, he said.

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