Illustration - Photo: IAEA

Szijjarto: Shipment of fuel rods for Paks nuclear power plant arrives

Another shipment of fuel rods from Russia for the Paks nuclear power plant has arrived in Hungary, the minister of foreign affairs and trade said on Saturday.

The delivery, the third one this year, was brought by ship across the Black Sea, then by train through Bulgaria and Romania, in compliance with the strictest safety regulations, Peter Szijjarto said in a statement issued by his ministry.

“With regard to the operation of the Paks nuclear power plant, we have fuel rods at our disposal on site for a good long time,” he added.

He said delivery of fuel rods would continue according to contract, adding that cooperation with Hungary’s Russian partners was “excellent” in terms of the quality of the fuel rods and scheduling of deliveries.

He noted that the Paks nuclear power plant accounts for about half of the electricity generated in Hungary.

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