Peter Szijjarto - Photo: MTI

Szijjarto: National interest, common sense coincide

Hungary's government will not give up national interests or the use of common sense, especially since "the two coincide", the minister of foreign affairs and trade told ruling Fidesz's 30th party congress on Saturday.

The past four years have seen two great upheavals in the world, bringing crises, conflicts and wars, “but also resulting in the majority of the European political elite practically losing their common sense”.

Szijjarto said some had contracted “war psychosis and think that weapons deliveries will create peace”.

“Others take it as a personal slight if a man takes a woman’s hand in public . yet others are offended that there isn’t a welcoming sign every 50 meters on the green border,” he said.

The European elite is also trying to force those “crazy ideas” on everyone, he said. “With some, they use a phone call, a mean glance, an army of NGOs or media attacks.”

But Hungary “cannot be brought to its knees . not even if they invest tens of millions into the opposition,” he said.

A neighbour of Ukraine, Hungary can see clearly that brokering peace is the only way to save people’s lives, and the circumstances for peace talks are “deteriorating day by day”, he said.

“Those bringing weapons into our neighbourhood are prolonging the war. The longer the war, the more the casualties and the greater the destruction.”

As a millennium-old Christian country, Hungary also “knows that nations are based on families, and a family consists of a father, a mother and children”. “And they can’t withhold so many billions of euros we are entitled to so that we allow NGOs into schools to explain to boys that they can wear girls’ clothes even though they’re boys,” he said.

Regarding migration, Szijjarto said the Hungarian authorities had thwarted 275,000 attempts of illegal entry on the border last year.

“We know that military-trained would-be terrorists who shoot at our border patrols, storm our border fence and ignore our rules will not bring progress to Europe,” Szijjarto said. “We don’t need people like that in Europe, especially not in Hungary, and we will never allow them to enter Hungary, no matter the quotas accepted.”

“Besides standing up for peace, our families, the protection of our children and our country, we will also reject the pressure of the liberal mainstream,” he said.

Hungary will have to be ready for intensifying attacks, and the government will need the strength represented by Fidesz, “Europe’s strongest party family,” he said.

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