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Szijjarto: Migration, terrorism out of Africa set to increase

The world must prepare for the food supply challenges stemming from the war in Ukraine to lead to a significant increase in migration pressure from the direction of Africa, which will in turn lead to an increase in the spread of terrorism, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in Morocco on Wednesday.

According to a foreign ministry statement, Szijjarto told a meeting of the foreign ministers of the global coalition fighting the Islamic State terrorist group that both Europe and Africa were facing critical security challenges due to the war in Ukraine and an increase in the number of terrorist attacks.

Szijjarto pointed out that these two threats were connected, arguing that Russia and Ukraine were among the world’s top grain exporters and the conflict between them would slash their export volumes, putting many African countries in a difficult situation.

If unstable regions are thrown into a difficult situation because of problems with the import of basic food products, it results in a rise in extremism and terrorism becoming more severe, the minister said.

Terrorism leads to an increase in migration, he said, adding that because terrorists could infiltrate large migrant groups, the international community should focus primarily on managing the root causes of migration.

Szijjarto also said that the number of illegal migrants entering Europe was up 57 percent in the first three months of 2022 and at its second highest since 2016.

Meanwhile, he said there were 146 Hungarian soldiers serving in the international mission in Iraq, adding that an international working group on the prevention of infiltration by foreign fighters will meet in Budapest in September.

Szijjarto met with his Georgian, Congolese, Kuwaiti, Moroccan and Saudi Arabian counterparts on the sidelines of the meeting.

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