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Szijjarto: Hungary’s interest lies in strong EU with strong member states

Hungary's interest lies in a strong and united European Union, this however requires first and foremost strong member states rather than a United States of Europe, the foreign minister said in parliament on Wednesday, answering a question by a co-ruling Christian Democrat lawmaker.

The Hungarian government does not agree with the “extremist and erroneous” concept aimed at creating a United States of Europe, a concept that “would eternally weaken the nations in Europe”, the foreign ministry quoted Peter Szijjarto as saying to Imre Vejkey.

“Only strong member states will make a strong EU. And a nation can only remain strong if it insists on preserving its traditions, national, cultural, religious and historical values,” Szijjarto said. Brussels has attempted “to weaken this bond” over the past years, he said, adding that this could lead to “a weakening of member states and thereby of the EU as a whole”.

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