Photo: MTI

Szijjarto: Hungary supports all proposals with potential for peace

Hungary supports Turkmenistan's proposal in the United Nations to prepare a global security strategy because "we support everything with a potential to bring peace in any part of the world, especially in our neighbourhood," Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Thursday.

After a phone call with Turkmen counterpart Rashid Meredov, Szijjarto said time was ripe to enforce the UN charter and the goals set out in it.

“We Hungarians, unfortunately together with several other nations in the world, are directly experiencing the challenges and suffering caused by war,” he said on Facebook. All initiatives in the UN that aim to strengthen the charter, to find peaceful settlement of armed conflicts by political means, and to prevent wars through diplomatic efforts are vital, he added.

Turkmenistan has made a proposal in the UN for the preparation of a global security strategy along these lines, and Hungary supports it, he said.

“I confirmed this during my phone conversation with Turkmen counterpart Rashid Meredov today,” he added.

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