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Szijjarto: Hungary making every effort to promote peace

Hungary is "on peace's side" and is making every effort to promote peace in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in parliament on Tuesday.

Szijjarto said every day of the Ukraine conflict posed serious security risks to Hungary. “That is also why we have a vested interest in peace returning to Ukraine as soon as possible,” he said.

The government’s most important obligation is to guarantee the security of Hungarians, Szijjarto said. As a result, the government refuses to supply weapons to Ukraine and to let through transports that represent military targets, he added. At the same time, Hungary gives all possible help to Ukrainians in difficult situation, he said.

A total of 724,639 people entered Hungary directly or indirectly from Ukraine since the start of the war and the authorities have let them all in, they have received care and those that wish to stay in the long term receive help to find work, he said.

He expressed his resentment “on behalf of all decent Hungarians” at attempts to confuse migrants with families arriving from Ukraine.

“The illegal migrants storming our southern borders” have no right to enter Hungary after crossing through several safe countries, he said. International law gives clear instructions concerning this matter, he added.

Szijjarto noted that the government had recently offered a support package worth a total 14 billion forints (EUR 37m) to improve the Ukrainian humanitarian situation.

Hungary is ready to participate in the reconstruction of a demolished school and hospital, has offered mobile homes to internally displaced people and 1,000 scholarships to Ukrainian students. Hungarian hospitals are ready to offer medical services to wounded soldiers from Ukraine without a limit and to treat 130 children, he added.

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