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Szijjarto: Hungarian schools facing “pressure by godless ideologies”

Hungarian schools are "under pressure by various civil groups trying to capture them under the name of godless ideologies," Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at the inauguration of a refurbished school in Hegyko, in north-western Hungary, on Tuesday.

Such groups “question the rights and role of parents … while the future lies in building communities, with the Catholic Church having a crucial role,” the minister said.

Communities will be much needed in view of the current challenges, he said. “The lightning strikes of war are above our heads, while animosity has become the cornerstone of international politics, and the world is on its way to being divided into blocs once more,” he said. But, he added, “a strong Hungary built on strong communities will overcome even those challenges.”

Hegyko’s Old School has been refurbished with 220 million forints (EUR 592,000)in state and European Union funds.

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