Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: MTI

Szijjarto: Europe’s security starts with Africa’s security

The stability and security of Europe starts with the stability and security of Africa, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Saturday.

In a video message posted on Facebook, Szijjarto told the second foreign ministers’ conference on the Sahel region that Hungary’s position is that migration poses a very serious security challenge for the European Union.

“We do have to stop migration instead of managing it and the way how we have to stop the migratory flows is to tackle the causes, and we understand that one of the major root causes of illegal migration is terrorism,” he said.

Africa has been faced with the challenge of terrorism in recent years and African countries and nations must be given help to be successful in their fight against terrorism, he added.

“We understand that the Sahel region has been faced with this tremendous challenge, as well,” he said.

Hungary has tripled its contribution to the EU mission in the Sahel and supports France’s proposal “to make our presence there as a major European operation in the future”.

Hungary also helps countries of the region in the areas of economy and education, he added.

One thought on “Szijjarto: Europe’s security starts with Africa’s security

  1. A Stable Africa is a Utopian Dream,and EU has A STAKE in strategic turbulence,in Africa, especially with the PLN and PRC presence in Africa, and the inevitable takeover of African Ports,by the PRC and the PLN.

    PLN and PRC have to control the Horn of Africa,to secure their shipping lines – and so the US and EU,have to have a “hold on Africa” – besides bases,in Djibouti etc.

    Centuries of slavery of Africans,has ensured that there is no education and management expertise, in Africa and Corruption is rampant and endemic – close to a pandemic. Poverty and Discrimination,brings in Salafis and Wahabis – and which then,brings in 2 roads – Al Qaeda or ISIS (Boko Haram and Al Shabab,are subsets thereof)

    The Business Model is simple – illegal metal and hydrocarbon mining and logging and cess and toll tax on legal mining,makes the ISIS franchise in Africa, a USD 10-15 Billion enterprise (per annum) .Then comes in the drugs and human trafficking.This is enough to make a parallel Raqqa in Africa !

    ISIS creates the situation for state excess and genocide ,which causes the exodus to EU and a lucrative business opportunity for ISIS (in human trafficking)These couriers and carriers,also carry drugs and ISIS moles, into the heart of the EU.

    The African leaders receive Billions from the EU to STOP the exodus,which lines the pockets of the AU politicians AND ISIS,and also,is a lower cost option,for the EU. A WIN-WIN-WIN Proposition !

    This flux in Africa,provides a stick to the EU,to beat African leaders,and make aid contingent to human rights – and thus,have a card to play,in domestic politics.

    Most importantly, ISIS in Africa,allows the NATO and EU to send in troops into Africa,and train the AU troops, and thus,make the AU rely on their NEED OF THE EU – as the PLA will NOT send in troops into AU,to fight ISIS (due to the blow back,FROM Turkmenistan in Xinjiang).Critically,it establishes close links of the EU with AU military generals – which can be used to coerce politicians or engineer military coups.

    ULTIMATELY, The EU leaders have to understand and PREPARE, for a day,when AT LEAST,more than HALF of Africa will be SUNNI WAHABI and SALAFISTS – and they will ALLY with the PRC against the West.

    In other words,the Wahabi Ottomans will be at the door of EU very soon – with Putin,the Russian Tsar,on the other side.Russia-PRC-The Shia crescent and Turkey will be on 1 side.dindooohindoo

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