Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Hungary sends new police units to Serbia, North Macedonia, Slovenia

Szijjarto: Europe facing growing migration pressure from multiple directions

Europe is facing migration pressure from multiple directions which is likely to grow in the coming months due to the European Union's "irresponsible" migration policies, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in Finland on Tuesday.

In addition to the migration pressure from the south and southeast of the continent, Europe is now also struggling with a flow of migrants from the east, the foreign ministry cited Szijjarto as saying at a forum of the Visegrad, northern and Baltic states in Hameenlinna, in southern Finland.

Lithuania and Poland feel threatened by the flow of migrants from the direction of Belarus, Szijjarto said according to the ministry’s statement, adding that this also had a direct impact on northern Europe.

The migration pressure on these parts of the EU is likely to increase over the coming months, he said, pointing out that four million Afghans had already fled their country and “certain people in western Europe are encouraging them to set off for the continent”.

Szijjarto said northern Europe today was facing the same challenge central Europe had been dealing with since 2015, adding that this was changing those countries’ approach towards the issue of migration.

“Hungary faced scathing attacks in 2015 for building a fence on our border in the interest of protecting ourselves and the EU,” Szijjarto said. “They threw all kinds of disgusting labels at us and did not hesitate to compare us to the darkest dictatorships of the 20th century.”

But the situation is different now and border fences are no longer uncommon in the EU, the minister said. Hungary has had positive experiences in this area, he said, adding that had the country not built a fence on its southern border, hundreds of thousands or even millions more could have entered Europe illegally. Hungary protected Europe then and is prepared to do so again, Szijjarto said.

Hungary sends new police units to Serbia, North Macedonia, Slovenia

Hungary has dispatched new police contingents to help local forces patrol the border regions in Serbia, North Macedonia and Slovenia, the national police (ORFK) said on Tuesday.

The national police headquarters has sent a 30-strong contingent to North Macedonia, a 20-member unit to Serbia and a group of three to Slovenia, ORFK said on

The police officers will be tasked with patrolling the three countries’ borders and helping to arrest people smugglers and illegal migrants, ORFK said.

Some of the Hungarian officers will be posted in the inner parts of the three countries, it said.

“The Hungarian police are committed to preventing illegal migrants from entering the territory of Hungary, and the European Union. To achieve this goal, the Hungarian police have offered their support to the countries of the Western Balkans,” ORFK said.


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