Szijjarto decorates Shell global executive VP

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto decorated Shell Global Executive Vice President Istvan Kapitany with the Officer's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit in Budapest on Monday, the foreign ministry said.

In his laudation, Szijjarto said Kapitany had contributed significantly to Shell having set the goal to achieve net-zero emissions in terms of its own activities by 2035 and throughout its global value chain by 2050.

“It makes us especially proud, Mr. Vice President, that a Hungarian plays an indisputable leading role in these extremely important efforts of one of the most important companies in the world,” the minister said.

“This is another point at which we can say that we, Hungarians punch above our weight when it comes to contributing to resolving the pressing problems of the world,” Szijjarto said, adding that despite his successful international career, Kapitany had preserved his Hungarian identity and aided his country.

He hailed Kapitany’s contributions to Hungary’s energy sector, car industry and environmental protection efforts.

Szijjarto noted that Hungary was one of only twenty countries in the world that have managed in recent years to reduce their harmful emissions while boosting economic growth.

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