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SZFE students ‘enticed’ into leaving school

Budapest's University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) on Sunday "acknowledged with great sadness" efforts by "an unaccredited self-education association" to "entice" its students to another training programme that offers no diploma recognised by the state.

The Freeszfe Association said earlier that SZFE’s 2019 film, directing and cinematography class – with the exception of two students – would be leaving the school in September to continue their studies with the support of the association.

In its statement released on Sunday, SZFE said the university’s former management had left the school “in a state of ruin” and used SZFE students “as tools to hinder the successful paradigm shift and renewal of SZFE”.

SZFE said the “scheme to remove a group of students” would “deprive them of the opportunity offered by instruction at SZFE, a state accredited institution of higher education that has undergone a complete renewal and now offers an outstanding technical educational foundation”.

SZFE noted that the number of applications it received to study at the university this year were a multiple of the 130 first-year students it is enrolling.

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