Szentkiralyi urges closer cooperation between Budapest leadership, government

Alexandra Szentkiralyi, the ruling Fidesz party's candidate for mayor of Budapest, has called for closer cooperation and dialogue between the leadership of Budapest and the central government in the interest of turning the capital city into a cleaner, safer and tidier place.

In order to achieve that goal, she met Sandor Pinter, the interior minister, to discuss public safety and the city’s transport services, and the situation around the homeless and the inner city’s “party quarter”.

Szentkiralyi urged closer cooperation between the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) and FORI, the authority overseeing the city’s public security.

The duration of joint patrols by the two authorities have significantly dropped, Szentkiralyi said, noting that while BRFK-FORI had spent 37,000 hours on joint patrols in 2019 the duration of those patrols dropped to 2,022 hours by 2023.

In connection with transport services, Szentkiralyi called for ensuring drivers and cyclists “the possibility of safe transport”.

She criticised the current leadership of Budapest over “not doing anything” about the problem of homelessness, calling for better quality care to the homeless and assistance to help them reintegrate in society and find employment.

Szentkiralyi said a solution had to be sought out for the public safety problem posed by the night-life of the inner city’s “party-quarter”, pledging to put forward proposals in the coming weeks.

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