Szentkiralyi promises clean, organised Budapest free of ‘traffic chaos’

"I promise that if I become mayor, this capital city will see progress . and rid itself of its debilitating traffic chaos, with clean and organised public spaces awaiting us," Alexandra Szentkiralyi, the ruling Fidesz party's candidate for mayor of Budapest, said on Wednesday.

Szentkiralyi told a press conference in City Park that in the coming days and weeks she would talk more about the capital’s affairs, her own plans for the city and work to end the coalition of incumbent mayor Gergely Karacsony and Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany.

She praised the government’s Liget project that has transformed City Park into a cultural venue over the past ten years. Szentkiralyi noted that the developments had added more than a quarter of a million square metres of green spaces to the area, tore down 72,000 sqms of paved surfaces, and added more than 500 deciduous trees, 130 pine trees, almost 70,000 shrubs and more than 700,000 perennials.

“I think that every day Budapest residents visit City Park, they vote with their feet in saying that this was a good investment, a good project,” Szentkiralyi said.

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