Peter Marki-Zay - Photo: Wikipedia

Szazadveg: Marki-Zay losing popularity

Peter Marki-Zay has lost much of his popularity since he became candidate, the Szazadveg Foundation told MTI on Saturday, based on its latest opinion poll, which looked into how the popularity of the prime ministerial candidate of the joint opposition parties changed over the past two months.

In October 2021, at the time of the second round of the opposition’s primary elections, 42 percent of voters had a positive view of Marki-Zay and 47 percent had a negative opinion, Szazadveg said. Over the past two months, the candidate’s popularity has been steadily declining, it said.

According to the latest poll, conducted in December, 36 percent of respondents had a favourable opinion of the mayor of Hodmezovasarhely and 56 percent expressed a negative view, reflecting a significant loss in popularity over such a short time, Szazadveg said.

Marki-Zay is only popular in Budapest, and even there only at a ratio of 49/47. In major cities, he is liked by 38 percent and disliked by 53 percent. Residents of villages and small towns gave similar responses, with respective ratios of 29/61 and 34/56.

The poll also revealed that he is liked by 44 percent of voters aged younger than 40 years old and 30 percent of those older than 40. He is unpopular among pensioners, with just 24 percent expressing a favourable opinion of the candidate and 66 percent rejecting him. Among uncertain voters, he is currently liked by 24 percent and disliked by 45 percent, Szazadveg said.

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