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Szazadveg: Hungarians maintain pro-peace stance

The majority of participants in the latest Szazadveg survey said they did not support measures that would "further prolong the war" in Ukraine, the think-tank said on Wednesday.

According to Szazadveg, an escalation of the conflict has provoked mounting concern. Fully 76 percent of a sample of 1,000 people asked in February said they were worried that the conflict could turn into a third world war, affecting NATO member Hungary, it said.

Similarly, 76 percent said they did not agree with European Union member states sending weapons to Ukraine or Ukrainian soldiers being trained in EU countries.

Szazadveg said respondents’ “rejection of pro-war and pro-sanction politicians has solidified”. Some 71 percent said they had a negative opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and 64 percent had similar sentiments towards US President Joe Biden. Sixty-two percent saw Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a negative light and 53 percent had a poor opinion of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“Despite international criticism of Hungary, Hungarians continue to be committed to maintaining a pro-peace policy and reject measures that would further prolong the war,” Szazadveg said.

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