Szantho to Fox News Radio: ‘You should be brave enough to stand up against woke insanity’

The Hungarian recipe is that "you should be brave enough to stand up against woke insanity," Miklos Szantho, the director of conservative think-tank Center for Fundamental Rights said in an interview with Fox News Radio.

In the interview, parts of which were posted on the radio’s website on Thursday, Szantho discussed Hungarian conservativism, Hungary’s migration policy and border protection measures and European Union policies.

“What makes Hungary, Hungary’s conservative revolution so special is that Hungary still sticks to common sense, to the three values of God, homeland and family,” he said. “We are part of the West, except that we’ve remained normal,” said Szantho. “We are trying to defend our Judeo-Christian heritage…, we also stand up for national identity and state sovereignty…, and of course we are trying to defend the children and the family against this gender nonsense.”

He said Hungary’s most important issue was its fight against the “deep state” of Brussels to protect its sovereignty. “You have your deep state in Washington, DC, and in the federal government, we do have our deep state in Brussels, in the European Union.”

Szantho said that the “Brusselites” had departed from the original concept of the EU’s founding fathers and were seeking to create a political union by withdrawing more and more powers from member states and “destroying their sovereignty”. Despite those efforts Szantho said Hungary was not keen on stepping out of the EU, adding that “we want to conquer Brussels”.

Asked about Hungary’s border protection, Szantho said that related measures served to protect the country against illegal migration and “the rising tide of anti-Semitism”. He said the western elite had a more liberal approach towards migration because it wanted to see states with a mixed ethnic composition ranging “from Portugal to Lithuania” in hope of getting the votes of immigrants later on.

“You should be brave enough to stand up against this woke insanity. You should be brave and you should not remain silent. Because that is exactly what this progressive ideology and progressive totalitarian behaviour tries to reach… Hungary tries to serve as an engine of conservative cooperation.” Szantho said the Hungarian right wanted to be an engine to get common sense back to its due place in politics.

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