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64 percent said they had never taken any kind of non-compulsory vaccines

Survey shows most Hungarians would get inoculated against the coronavirus

The majority of Hungarians expect the vaccination against the novel coronavirus to be ready in a year's time and 55 percent said they would want to get inoculated, a survey commissioned by the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) showed.

Some 32 percent of those interviewed said the vaccination would become available in Hungary in less than 12 months, 50 percent expect it in a year and 16 percent in two years, AIPM said. Only 2 percent of Hungarians said no vaccination would be available at all, it added.

Asked about non-compulsory vaccination, 64 percent of those interviewed said they had never taken any kind of non-compulsory vaccines.

Of those that have received such vaccination, 29 percent said it was against the flu, 9 percent received it against tick-borne encephalitis and 4 percent against meningitis. Some 44 percent said they had the vaccination administered each year and 5 percent said they had it more frequently. A total of 33 percent get non-compulsory vaccination less frequently than every five years, 12 percent get it every two years, and 7 percent every five years, AIPM said.

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