Survey: Digital infrastructure up to spec, say business subscribers

Hungarian business leaders canvassed for their views on mobile and fixed internet networks last spring said the infrastructure bore the extra burdens during the coronavirus epidemic well, according to a survey by the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) released on Tuesday.

But 40 percent of respondents wanted a greater choice of service providers at their office premises.

The survey of domestic SME and corporate leaders indicated that, notwithstanding the extra load on the country’s digital infrastructure during the coronavirus epidemic, satisfaction with mobile and fixed internet services was high, with four out of five points awarded to both kinds of service, the statement said.

Company managers put priority on internet services being available at all of their premises and functioning flawlessly. Further, they preferred a large and stable provider. Half of the subscribers are customers of Magyar Telekom, the largest domestic service provider.

Company heads expressed dissatisfaction, however, concerning the pricing of services.

Other “disappointing factors” included operational errors, mobile internet bandwidth as well as the speed, availability, reliability and ease of troubleshooting for fixed internet, the statement said.

Another issue for company heads concerned choice: only half of companies with multiple premises — accounting for 30 percent of domestic SMEs and corporations — said a choice of at least two service providers across all their sites for fixed and mobile services was available.

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