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Sudanese woman sentenced to 9 years over child pornography, drugs

A Budapest court sentenced a Sudanese woman to nine years in prison on charges of child pornography and illegal ownership of drugs, the Municipal Chief Prosecutor's Office said on Monday.

According to the authority, pornographic images of children had been stored on the defendant’s mobile phone, and a “significant amount” of drugs were seized from her apartment in Budapest.

The defendant had stayed in Hungary as a refugee since 2003, until the authorities initiated stripping her of her refugee status because she was believed to have been using a false identity. In January 2021, the inspectors “seized the woman’s telephone and found 3 images of child pornography”. They added that the defendant had “shared two such images with other users” in September 2019.

In the woman’s rented home in Budapest’s eighth district the inspectors found 400 grams of cocaine.

On top of her prison term, the defendant has also been banned from Hungary for 9 years, as well as from any occupation involving minors.

The sentence is appealable.

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