Photo: MTI

Student organistions, teachers’ union hold ‘Mothers’ day demonstration’ in Budapest

The Adom student organisation, teachers' union PDSZ and other NGOs held a demonstration in Budapest near the prime minister's office on Sunday.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the event specifically organised for women protesting what they called “the powers that be using tear gas and detention to punish children taking a stand against the dismantling of the public education system.”

Katalin Torley of the Tanitanek Movement said demonstrators should remain visible at a time when “violence is present in the operation of the state, and the behavior and actions of the abusive power.”

Referring to arrests and restraining measures applied at a demonstration on Wednesday, Torley said the government “forces its outdated values on families… and besides ignoring our children and keeping them in poverty, they now also use tear gas and batons on them.”

Demonstrators had no party symbols, except for a banner of the Two-tailed Dog party in the background.

Opposition Democratic Coalition said earlier in the evening that MEP Klara Dobrev and other female party members would participate at the protest.

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