Photo: MTI

Student organisation, teachers’ union demonstrate against law on teachers’ careers

The Adom student organisation, teachers' union PDSZ and the Civil Public Education Platform led a demonstration against planned legislation on teachers' career paths on Monday.

Protesters gathered in Oktogon Square in the afternoon and marched to the building of the Interior Ministry.

There, Katalin Tarnai of PDSZ said students and parents had realised that they are on the same side as teachers in striving for European-quality education in Hungary.

She called on teachers to stay united and to join PDSZ. Ministry statements of “invisible wage raises cannot be taken seriously,” she said.

Teacher Alexandra Pal said the government “has been ignoring teachers for a year and a half.” Teachers are now fighting to be able to give their opinions, to be involved in negotiations, and to receive living wages, she said.

A student of the Adom organisation thanked their teachers for their efforts.

At the end, the teachers fired for participating in recent protests and strikes were called up to the stage.

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