State Opera House reopens after revamp

The Hungarian State Opera House, which has undergone a major renovation, was reopened with a festive gala on Saturday.

The opening ceremony was attended by incumbent President Janos Ader, President-elect Katalin Novak and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Addressing the event, President Ader spoke about the 138-year history of the Opera House, one of the masterpieces of eminent 19th-century architect Miklos Ybl.

“What a variety of events this building has witnessed and survived: wars and revolutions, conquerors and various forms of government, occupation and regained freedoms. Several directors who brought about a golden age of opera and some who were certainly unworthy of their post. Old and new, conservative and progressive styles,” the president said.

“But eventually, it was the valuable that prevailed. And those who wanted to work on the highest possible standard . and knew that the performance of the Budapest opera should be a match for the best in Europe,” he added.

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