Alexandra Szentkiralyi (l) and Gergely Gulyas - Photo: MTI

Spokeswoman: Government protecting Hungarian families in times of war

Despite the war and the related costs, the government is spending 3,300 billion forints (EUR 8.9m) on family support and family tax benefits in next year's budget, government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkiralyi said in a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

Due to the war in Ukraine, “we have to spend more on the country’s security, energy procurement, and job protection,” Szentkiralyi said.

Nevertheless, instead of cutting family support and introducing austerity measures, as other governments did before 2010, the government plans to spend 3,300 billion forints on family subsidies in next year’s budget, she said. Szentkiralyi said the government will maintain the family tax benefits, the personal income tax exemption of mothers under the age of 30, mothers raising four or more children and young people under the age of 25, and continue to support families buying their first home, among other forms of family subsidies. Szentkiralyi added that Hungarian families’ utility expenditures are also heavily subsidised and next year’s budget will also have a utility protection fund.

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