Speaker Laszlo Kover - Photo: MTI

Speaker: ‘Most of Europe pro-peace, wants no war’

Laszlo Kover, the speaker of parliament, said on Tuesday that the majority of Europeans wanted peace, not war, and he said the Hungarian nation should "try to collaborate more closely and act together under the shadow of war".

Marking the Day of National Cohesion, he told commercial news channel Hir TV that this year’s national day was about belonging together more than ever “because in the shadow of war we need to stand close and give encouragement to one another”.

The speaker expressed hope that ethnic Hungarians beyond the borders would have representatives elected as MEPs in the European Parliament. “I hope Transylvanian Hungarians will have at least two elected MEPs who can strengthen the pro-peace camp,” he said.

Concerning the Russia-Ukraine war, Kover said the European political elite which had sought to incite nations into a war psychosis “does not really believe in what they’re saying or doing”.

“I think they are cynical villains to the core,” he said, adding that “the majority of the public in Europe — more than 60 percent — supports peace, does not want a war and hates the idea that the Russia-Ukraine war might escalate into a European war.”

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