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Kover addresses Csango Hungarians pilgrimage in Romania

"It was not possible to eradicate Hungarians over the past thousand years, nor it will be in the next," the speaker of Hungarian parliament said at the second Pilgrimage of Burzenland and Transylvanian Saxon Csango Hungarians in Purcareni (Purkerec), in central Romania, on Saturday.

In his address in the Csango Hungarian village, Laszlo Kover spoke of efforts on numerous occasions in history to eliminate the Hungarian nation.

“Although at the cost of enormous sacrifices, suffering and losses, the power of belonging together in Hungarians still proved to be stronger than the power of forces that wanted to tear them apart,” Kover told the pilgrims.

Speaking to public media, he said his participation at the event aimed to send the message that the Csango community of Burzenland were “reckoned with” by Hungary and of all Hungarians and that it had a future.

Hunor Kelemen, leader of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), said Transylvanian Hungarians had recently been under strong pressure to declare where they belong. “We belong here, we have a nation and a country. We have a country and a homeland,” he said.

Attending the event, Beschea Severius-Florin, the Romanian mayor of Tarlungeni commune in Brasov County, greeted the Burzenland Csangos and stated his support to them.

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