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Socialists urge welfare policy turnaround

The opposition Socialist Party on Wednesday announced the launch of a nationwide "welfare security forum", calling for a turnaround in welfare policy.

The government is enacting more and more austerity measures, Laszlo Varga, the party’s deputy leader, told an online press conference, noting the government’s announcement that it will review its welfare spending and tighten family benefits.

Inflation is over 20 percent and the government’s price caps on basic food products will expire in August, Varga said. The current inflationary environment calls for measures that aid people and families, he said, adding there was no need for further austerity.

Varga suggested that the government should “cut back wasteful spending and servicing the Fidesz clientele” instead of placing more burdens on the people.

He said the Socialist Party has launched a “welfare security forum” to promote its proposals.

The Socialists envision a Hungary with a stable education system and a well-functioning health-care sector, Varga said. They also want a country where pensioners are respected and receive fair pensions, where families can plan many years ahead and young people get the support they need from the state to start a family, he added.

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