The building of the NBH in Budapest – Photo: wikimedia

Socialists to file complaint against central bank governor for ‘hurting forint exchange rate’

The opposition Socialist Party is filing a complaint to the public prosecutor against the governor of the central bank for "hurting the forint's exchange rate" with a briefing he gave to a parliamentary committee earlier this week, the party's co-leader said on Wednesday.

At an online press conference, Imre Komjathi cited Gyorgy Matolcsy as telling parliament’s economic committee on Monday that Hungary was in a “near-crisis situation” and that it was among the five most vulnerable countries in the world.

Komjathi insisted that the governor’s remarks were akin to an “invitation to speculators”. He said Matolcsy’s comments had hurt the forint and exposed the country to danger “in a way we’ve not yet seen from a central bank governor”.

He said his party trusted that the Chief Public Prosecutor Peter Polt would “fulfill his duty laid down in the constitution” and that Matolcsy’s remarks “won’t be left without consequences”.

Komjathi noted that under the law, the National Bank of Hungary’s primary task was to achieve and maintain price stability.

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