Socialists to continue campaign for protection of public beaches

The opposition Socialist Party on Monday vowed to continue its campaign for the protection of public lakeside beaches, saying they were assets that needed to be preserved for future generations.

Zsolt Molnar, the party’s director, told an online press conference from the Siofok airport in western Hungary that the Socialists would “continue the fight for public beaches both on land and in the air”.

He called on everyone who supported the cause to back Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony’s candidacy for the opposition’s prime ministerial nomination and the MP candidates of the Socialist-Parbeszed alliance.

“They’re the ones with the most credibility and who are putting up the best fight to ensure that our children and grandchildren get to see Lake Balaton as our grandparents and great-grandparents saw it,” he said.

Roland Marton, the Socialists’ Fejer County MP candidate, said his party wanted Hungary’s lakes to be free and for Lake Balaton and Lake Velence to be accessible to “not just the 1 percent, but the 99 percent as well”.

Zoltan Varga, one of the party’s Budapest candidates, slammed ruling Fidesz, saying it was now “also stealing immovable properties”.

Andrea Nemes, a Komarom-Esztergom County candidate, urged the protection of the river Danube, saying that industrial developments along the river needed to be balanced out with nature protection goals.

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