Kata Tutto - Photo: Facebook

Socialists strive for a Hungary of close-knit communities

The opposition Socialist Party has pledged to create a Hungary of close-knit communities able to handle issues such as housing, education, health, security, the environment, the elderly, families, local councils as part of the European Union.

Europe should be strengthened, but this required stronger local communities and local councils rather than “more Brussels”, Kata Tutto, head of the Socialists’ European Parliament list, said in a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

She added that it was not a case of “either Hungary or Europe”, but of “Hungary and Europe”, and the number-one priority was to ensure EU funds were unfrozen.

Tutto said the Socialists had “brought Hungary into the EU” and now it was working to make sure it stayed in the bloc.

Countries in which local councils were well-functioning showed greater resilience in times of crisis, she insisted, adding that European social democracy needed strengthening, and a path must be forged along which every member of the community could progress, a path built on security, equal opportunity, sustainability and solidarity.

The Socialist politician also said that women needed an EU that understood them and saw issues such as security, family, work and the future of children through their eyes.

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