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Socialists slam government for ‘bypassing’ parliament in planned budget change

Leaving parliament out of the procedure of amending next year's budget would be a "serious mistake", the Socialist head of parliament's budgetary committee said on Monday.

Speaking at an online press conference, Zoltan Vajda said the government was seeking to implement changes to the budget through decrees, whereas under the constitution such changes could only be adopted by parliament. He added that the government had not veered from that procedure “even during the (coronavirus pandemic) emergency”.

Vajda insisted that it had been obvious at the time of passing the budget that its main figures would change. He noted that it had been planned with inflation at 5.2 percent, economic growth of 4.1 percent, and with a forint-euro exchange rate of 372. However, inflation could reach 15 percent in 2023, the economy could contract rather than grow, while the euro is currently trading at 420 forints, he insisted.

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