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Socialists query purpose of expanded water extraction in Komarom region

The opposition Socialist Party has submitted a question to the economic development minister querying the purpose of an investment enabling a big increase in water extraction in Komarom, in northern Hungary, which may be connected to "a secretly planned new battery plant".

The mayor of Komarom has said that the investment was needed to improve water supplies to the city and its neighbouring areas, while a geographer has said a system with a capacity of a daily 22,000 cubic metres of water was being built, a five-fold increase on previous plans, the party’s group leader Zita Gurmai told an online press briefing on Friday, citing a recent online press report.

Demand for water in the region averaged 3,000-3,500 cubic metres each day, she said, noting that two local battery plants of South Korea’s SK innovation used up to 4,100 cubic metres.

“The conclusion to be drawn … is that a new plant with high water needs is planned for the Komarom area,” she said.

Gurmai said she had asked Marton Nagy, the minister, if a new plant was planned to be built and whether the water demands of battery plants in the Komarom area could be fulfilled by using grey water. She added that another question concerned what regulations were in force for conserving water when plants with high water needs were set up and when such plants would be obliged to carry out a detailed environmental impact study.

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